Townhomes: A Rising Trend for Homebuyers

March 1, 2019

What do you get when you cross a home with a condo? Answer: A townhome. It has the space and features of a single-family home with the low maintenance of a condo. Townhomes have become a popular choice for homebuyers at many stages of their lives. Cothran Homes has been building townhome communities in the Greenville, SC, for many years, because even before it gained today’s popularity, we saw that townhomes were going to be a rising trend for homebuyers.A townhome gives the owner a space of their own, two or more levels of living area and a garage. Other than being attached to other townhomes, the interior is just like a single-family home. You still have the gourmet kitchen, an impressive entrance, open floor plan, bedrooms that are sized for comfort, the appointments you’d expect for the master suite, storage space, and a private outdoor living area. You just eliminate the exterior work. You don’t have to paint your home, mow the lawn, clean out the gutters, or fix the roof. Living space, privacy, comfort, and convenience—what’s not to love?The first homeThe National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) says townhomes represent the fastest growing family housing segmentFirst-time homebuyers appreciate the ease of moving from renting (or living at home) to a home that gives them the advantages of home ownership without the exterior maintenance. They don’t have to become instant experts on yard care, roofs, gutters, and all the other aspects that first-timers aren’t quite ready to handle. Instead, they can “lock and leave”, something that’s quite familiar to someone who hasn’t owned a home.The right-sized homeThen there’s the other end of the spectrum: the empty-nesters. These homebuyers have owned homes and taken on all of the responsibilities. They know about roof repair and they probably have all the lawn care equipment necessary to keep a pristine yard. At this point, they also have more space than they need. When the children have grown and moved out, they might want to spread out and use their living space in other ways. On the other hand, empty-nesters frequently decide they want less square footage, or at least a space that’s easier to maintain. For this group, they’ve done the home maintenance thing and had the yard. They just want something that better fits their current lifestyle, and a townhome clearly checks off everything on their list.The family homeMaybe your family is growing, or expecting to grow. A townhome community is a great place to raise children. You get to know your neighbors, so there’s usually someone willing to help with child care. Cothran Homes’ gated townhome communities offer security and privacy, and the street lights and sidewalks provide additional safety.There are plenty of green spaces where the kids can play with their friends. With more residents close by, they’ll probably develop more friendships in the neighborhood. Our communities are chosen in areas with good school districts and easy access to all the activities and services that families need—shopping, entertainment, restaurants, healthcare, and recreation.No matter what stage you’re at in your life, think about the value of a townhome. Take a few minutes to see the energy-efficient homes and communities that Cothran Homes is building in great Greenville areas, like Simpsonville and Taylors. If you’re inspired to move quickly, we have new construction townhomes available right now—and priced affordably. Let’s get started on making a positive change in your life!

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