Is A New Construction Home Better Than A Previously Owned Home?

February 26, 2024

One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make is buying a home. Among the many decisions that come with this purchase, the first you’ll likely start with is whether to buy a new construction home or a previously-owned home. At first glance it may seem like an existing home is the way to go, but depending on your budget, where you want to live, your desired lifestyle, and more, you may want to consider buying a new construction home.

At Cothran Homes, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional homes designed using cutting-edge technology for maximum efficiency, quality, and comfort. From all-new systems and appliances to flawless features and flexible design, a beautiful new home in a community you love makes life easier and more enjoyable every day.

Older Resale Homes vs. New Construction Homes in South Carolina

New construction homes are homes that are brand new and have never been lived in. There are different types with varying timelines and benefits. You could purchase a to-be-built home, one that has not been constructed, where you choose the lot, floor plan, and many of the features and finishes. Or you could look for quick move-in homes, homes that are in the process of being built or already completed, and features and finishes are preselected. Lastly, you could opt for a custom home where you choose your own design selections. 

Resale homes or previously owned homes have been lived in before. They are often move-in ready but can also be fixer-uppers, needing an array of renovations depending on the work that’s been done and the year the home was originally built.

As an experienced new construction home builder in South Carolina, we’ve helped many homeowners find their dream homes. Only you can make the best decision for you, but we believe newly built homes offer unmatched benefits over previously owned homes. 

Here are the advantages of choosing new construction homes in Greenville, South Carolina.

Overall Costs

From maintenance and repairs to closing costs and additional fees, there are a lot of costs involved in buying a home, whether new or used. Something to keep in mind are the short-term and long-term costs. While it may cost more to purchase a new construction home upfront, pre-owned homes will cost more in the long run due to the need for short-term maintenance and repairs. Unlike brand-new homes, a pre-owned home won’t have all new and updated systems, appliances, roof, and foundation. This means you’ll not only have to think about the insurance implications (insurance rates tend to be higher with older, outdated homes due to higher risks of damage) but also the cost to fix or update those things in the future.

Modern Floor Plans & Building Codes

New construction homes are designed to appeal to modern living. You’ll see open-concept and functional layouts with flexible rooms in newly built homes versus closed-off, tight spaces of pre-owned homes. Rooms in new construction homes — especially bedrooms and bathrooms — tend to be larger, with lots of natural light. With new homes, you won’t have to worry about updating the home to fit your lifestyle since it will already be built with the way you live in mind. You may also find that previously owned and older homes are not built to current standards and codes. This is important to ensure the home’s stability against weather damage and will even save you in utility costs due to updated insulation.


Unless you’re choosing a completed quick move-in home, many new construction homes, especially custom homes, allow you to design it to your liking. Since a home is a long-term purchase it may be worth being able to choose the features and finishes that make it feel more like home. With a pre-owned home, you may need to make several changes to get it to a place that feels like it's really yours and fits your style. This is certainly possible, but it will take more time and money in the long term. You might find it difficult to locate a used home that already matches your style.


Existing homes have a fast move-in time frame since the home is already completed. Even so, there are similar options available with newly built homes. As mentioned above, if you need to move quickly,  consider choosing a move-in ready home since they may be closer to completion, if not fully complete. If your timeline is more flexible, new construction homes and custom homes offer some breathing room. You can be a part of the process in selecting design packages throughout the home. While this may take several months (Rome wasn’t built in a day after all), the wait is worth it once you step into your brand-new home.

Energy Efficiency & Warranties

Today, energy efficiency is more important than ever. It helps the environment and keeps utility costs low. Older homes are unlikely to include many energy-efficient features to ensure the HVAC is overworking to retain heat or air in certain weather conditions. The insulation may not be properly installed. They may lack healthier building materials like low-VOC paint or UV-protective impact-resistant windows. In new construction homes, you’re guaranteed to have a healthy home inside and out. Plus, they include home warranties to protect components of the home giving you peace of mind if something does need repairing. This may include covering materials and workmanship, and plumbing and electrical.

Other Reasons To Choose A Quick Move-In Home

  • Quick move-in homes have finishes that have been curated by a team of experienced designers, so they include the latest design options and features, and take the work out of having to decide all those details.
  • Quick-move-in homes tend to be the most popular, best-selling floor plans. They have universal appeal and include features and designs that buyers are asking for. In other words, they have everything you would expect and love in a new construction home.
  • The construction and release of quick-move-in homes have been planned to improve the accuracy of supply orders and manage costs. This translates into a predictable price and more cost savings for you. It also means a more time-efficient building process.
  • Even if you purchase a quick-move-in home before it is finished, the builder can provide realistic expectations for closing dates since they are better able to manage supplies and costs.

Browse Our Quick Move-In Homes!

Our homes are built throughout the Greenville, SC area in communities with home designs fit for every lifestyle. Whether you decide to live in a single family home in Greenville or a luxury townhome in Reidville, there are new quick move-in homes waiting for you. We’d like to highlight a few that are available now.

Holly Ridge in Greenville

Discover a lively community featuring single family homes and townhomes with charming curb appeal — Holly Ridge just minutes from downtown Greenville. These brand new single family homes & townhomes have a modern farmhouse style that’s just as sophisticated and comfortable as it is smart. With flexible designs, you can personalize your home to fit your family! From its skyline views of Greenville to its attractive layout, vibrant pool and walking trails, and convenient location, Holly Ridge has a distinctive feeling you just won’t find anywhere else. Townhomes are available from the $290s - $320s; Quick move-in single family homes are priced from the $340s - $400s. 

Miller Park in Greenville

Here you’ll find good-looking exteriors showcasing farmhouse style and step into open, airy living spaces. The details will blow you away — and the fact that you won’t have to worry about maintenance is the cherry on top! Located on 15 quiet acres near Woodruff Road, you can easily commute to downtown Greenville thanks to access to major roads and highways. Less than 15 minutes from the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, Miller Park is close to many shopping, dining, & entertainment options. The low-maintenance townhomes offer more space and thoughtful storage than you can imagine. There are several quick move-in homes available for you to discover, priced in the $300s. 

Reidville Town Center in Reidville 

From its convenient location between Greenville & Spartanburg to its maintenance-free, modern farmhouse-style townhomes and fun amenities, Reidville Town Center is a great fit for families of all kinds. In addition to having a pool & pocket parks, Reidville Town Center is only steps from shops, restaurants, walking trails, and an amphitheater. You’ll be able to walk to future Reidville Town Center businesses, plus you’re minutes from  I-85, Hwy 101, and Hwy 290, GSP International Airport. Sales are just opening at Reidville Town Center but there are a few quick move-in homes available, priced from the $240s.  

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