New Home or Resale: How Do You Choose?

May 2, 2019

You have so many choices when you’re house-hunting—location, style, size, and features—that it can get a little confusing as to what gives you the best fit for your lifestyle. You also have to decide between a new home or a resale. But how do you choose? Cothran Homes has some homebuying tips to consider.Price is not the same as cost.This is an important distinction. No matter what you shop for—a car, an appliance, books, clothes, toys—you always expect that any “pre-owned” item will be priced less than a new one. A home is no different. But you need to be aware of what that lower price means in terms long-range cost.Depending on the age of the resale home, you might need to factor in the cost to replace the roof, air conditioner, water heater, and/or furnace. You can take the “wait and see” attitude but when any (or all) of those systems reaches the end of life, you’ll have to pay. Those dollar figures contribute to your total cost of ownership.Next, look at the remodeling you want to do in this resale home. Maybe you want to get rid of the carpet and install wood-look tile. Possibly the kitchen needs an upgrade. You could do a minor remodel, like refacing the cabinets, substituting granite for the existing countertops, and buying new appliances. How much have you budgeted? Most experts tell you to double the cost and the time expected to complete a remodel.  Be realistic about the investment in your new home. The purchase price is just the start.The warranty provides peace of mind.A new home is backed by a builder’s warranty. The structure is fully covered from the day you take ownership. The first year is when any minor issues might arise as the home settles. You might see small trim separation or hairline cracks. Or maybe you notice a workmanship detail that you overlooked in your final walk-through. Just make a phone call to request the repair—free of charge. Cothran Homes include an industry-leading 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® with every new home. Workmanship and material defects are covered for a full year. Systems assemblies (supply piping, waste piping, ductwork, and electrical wiring) are warrantied for 2 years. And structural defects in the roof framing, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, foundation, and floor framing are protected for 10 years. It’s our promise to you that we work hard to provide integrity—in your home and our practices.The appliances and mechanical components—roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC—are also guaranteed. You can move in without wondering what’s lurking behind the walls or worrying whether the water heater is going to last another year. When you buy from Cothran Homes, we go over every, single warranty detail and make sure you understand when and how to submit a claim.Today’s advances aren’t in yesterday’s homes.We’ve come a long way with homebuilding. New homes reflect advances in energy efficiency, technology, and design. New homes are estimated to be at least 30% more energy efficient than typical resale homes. By choosing new construction, you reap the rewards of saving money on your utility bills while also helping the environment. Improvements in building materials, systems, and products—like windows and appliances—provide more comfort, convenience, and value than in the past. Our new construction homes include the design details you’re looking for, like granite countertops and the latest kitchen appliances. Yesterday’s homes were wired for phone and cable lines, but you’re living unplugged—streaming your music and television and relying on robust Internet. Your home should be ready for the way you live today.Love that new home smell!Are you someone who just loves newness? You prefer your products in the original packaging. You joyously inhale the distinct fragrance of a new car. There’s just something special about being the first to experience a particular item, right?Step inside a new home and enjoy so much of what you love! Every detail is new. Fresh paint, new wood, and the shine of sleek granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. No one has ever used the range, locks, fireplace or toilet, so it’s sparkling clean. Be the first to hang a picture on the walls. Take that shower on a maiden voyage to relaxation.A resale home can be professionally cleaned and may look “like new” but it isn’t. There’s history there, and you didn’t make it.When you’re looking for a new home, stick with the “new”. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of buying a new home—greater value and peace of mind, plus the free time you WON’T be spending on home repair. Take a look at Cothran Homes’ communities of new construction homes around Greenville, SC. It’s a lively city with so much to offer, including affordability! Also browse our currently available move-in ready townhomes and single-family homes, ready for the first owner. Let’s start new together!  

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