Cothran Homes Makes your Home Building Process a Great Experience

March 14, 2018

Buying a new home is exciting. Building a new home can be a bit scary, or so you’ve heard. Cothran Homes makes your home building process a great experience with a method that keeps everyone on track and informed.Step 1: Make your selections.For most homebuyers, this is the truly fun part. We work with you to choose the floor plan and customize any structural options. We finalize the plans and review the details, including the bottom line price.Next, we obtain the necessary permits while you work with our Design Center staff to zoom in on the finishing details, like flooring, wall colors, cabinetry, plumbing and lighting fixtures, all the way down to the door hardware.Step 2: Prep and pourWe handle the excavation and preparation of your homesite, getting a head start as we wait for the permits. Your Cothran Homes construction crew then pours the foundation as soon as the weather allows.Step 3: A frame-up you’ll welcomeThe framing of your home will take approximately 10 to 20 days, depending on the design you’ve chosen (size and complexity). We know you might want to visit the site during this phase (because it’s great to see the evolution of your home), but for safety purposes, we can’t allow visitors. Your Cothran Homes sales consultant can send you photos though!After the framing is completed, the superintendent conducts an inspection before moving the crew to the next step.Step 4: The rough stuffRough-ins come next and include all the inner workings that go behind the walls—plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Another inspection is conducted to verify that everything is correct here before the walls are closed in. With rough-ins fine-tuned, the insulation is added and the drywalls are installed and sanded. This building is starting to look like your home.Step 5: Carpentry detailsOur carpenters install cabinets, hang the doors, and add the trim throughout your home.Step 6: Color your worldThe walls are done, so let’s add color. We use your choices and paint the walls, ceilings, and trim.Meanwhile, your driveway is poured as completion is getting closer.Step 7: Power it allThe plumber adds all the fixtures (toilets, faucets, sinks, drains, showerheads) while the electricians install your lighting, switches, and outlets. The HVAC pros handle the heating and air conditioning system. Your appliances are delivered and connected.Step 8: FlooredNow that the rough stuff is done, we install your flooring.Step 9: Quality checkYour home is thoroughly inspected and certified for occupancy. Cothran Homes also conducts a quality control check, looking closely at every detail, so that when you come to see your new home, you won’t be distracted by items that could have been improved.Step 10: The walk-throughYour home is finished! Before the closing, we provide a Home Owner Orientation, where we escort you from room to room, demonstrating how to operate every system, right down to the last outlet. We’ll review your appliances, answer any questions, and make note of any issues you’d like us to address. We provide a written checklist for your approval, prior to closing.Step 11: It’s yours!You close on the house, we hand you the keys, and it’s time to move in and begin your life here in your new home—with the peace of mind that you’re covered by our builder’s warranty. Plus, our maintenance-free lifestyle gives you more time to enjoy the comfort, luxury, and privacy of living in a Cothran Homes gated community.When your home builder has the experience, coupled with agility and problem-solving skills, you can sit back and simply enjoy the home building process. Cothran Homes builds townhome communities throughout the Greenville, South Carolina, region. Take a closer look at the townhome lifestyle you could be experiencing, and then talk to us about coming home here.

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