Living room décor ideas with an open floor plan

March 9, 2018

The open floor plan is a desirable layout for the main living area in a home. The absence of walls encourages conversation and togetherness, as well as providing a spacious feeling to the area. Decorating can be a challenge if you’re not accustomed to the open concept. Here are some living room décor ideas with an open floor plan to provide a balanced, welcome feel.

Divide the open space into smaller areas

Don’t look at this open floor plan as one big room. Design individual spaces within it—a dining area, reading nook, and homework station are a few task areas you can incorporate in your open concept living space.  Place your furniture so that you create rooms without walls. Use larger pieces, like a console table or sofa to act like a boundary. An area rug is a great way to define a space. The rugs don’t have to match but should complement one another in the colors and style.  

Use light creatively

Once you have established your smaller spaces within the larger floor plan, think about how you want to use light—both natural light and fixtures. Some spaces might have light streaming through a window while other corners are darker. Light each defined space independently, so that no matter where you sit, you have the light source you need. Install dimmers on each switch so you can control the intensity of the light in any area at any time.  

Blend the colors

Although you have varied nooks and gathering areas within the open space, you need a seamless ripple of color. Plan your color palette and apply it throughout the living room, dining room, and kitchen. You can increase the use of a certain color in one area, but don’t stray from your color palette or you’ll disrupt the smooth flow. If you love color, you can expand your range by layering the hues. Use different shades of the same color as accents.  

Avoid being too linear

A large room will be more interesting if it’s not designed with a grid. Float your furniture away from the walls, and blend round and oval pieces with the square and rectangular ones. Use a rectangular rug with a round dining table, for example.  

Use scale

 A large room might lull you into the notion that you can go big with your furnishings. Unless you plan to use a limited number of pieces, you will “lose” your room amongst the grand scale. Instead, choose just a few statement pieces—art, light fixtures, furniture—to highlight certain areas of the main living area. Begin with the foyer so that, right from the entrance, you leverage your unique design to make a statement.   Cothran Homes designs and builds homes and communities in some of the most sought-after locations in the Greenville, South Carolina area. We integrate a timeless sense of style with attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a townhome, villa, or single-family home, we invite you to browse our communitiesfloor plans, and selection of currently available quick move-in homes. Then contact us to find out how you can experience the luxury lifestyle we offer our homeowners.

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