Why Winter is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

December 12, 2018

There’s a rumor going around that people don’t buy homes in winter so don’t bother even listing your home. At Cothran Homes, we’ve experienced a different scenario. In fact, we want to tell you why winter is a great time to sell your home! Buyers are serious and motivated. While it may be true that there’s less traffic of homebuyers during the winter months, the ones who are house-hunting are committed to finding and buying a home. They might be driven by job relocation or a change in their family situation, like an elderly relative moving in with them. For whatever reason, they don’t want to hibernate through the winter so they’re actively searching for a home, with the intent to make the purchase quickly. And isn’t that the buyer you want? Competition is lighter. Take full advantage of the unmotivated sellers who have decided to sit out the winter without listing their homes for sale. That means there’s less inventory for buyers to browse. Your home will get more attention in a market that isn’t saturated with homes for sale in winter. Landscaping isn’t such an issue If you’re living in an area where snow blankets the yard, you don’t have to worry about meticulously maintaining a pristine landscape to impress potential buyers. Instead, keep your driveway and walkway shoveled and make sure the roof is clear of snow and ice. Real estate agents are at your service It’s not just the buyers who are motivated. With fewer homebuyers and sellers seeking their attention, real estate agents are more focused on the clients who are actively house-hunting. They will be working arduously to sell your home. Statistics are in your favor According to Trulia, homes sell at a higher price and sell faster in the winter. It could be due to the lighter inventory and motivated buyers, but does it matter? Everything points to you, the seller, benefitting from listing and selling your home with more success (speed and price) during the winter than in the warmer months. Interest rates are rising Savvy homebuyers know that mortgage rates have been increasing over the past year, and will continue along the same path in 2019. Waiting till the spring will cost them with a higher monthly mortgage payment. Here in Greenville, SC, we certainly have winter weather, but it’s a temperate climate. Snow is a rare and brief experience. By selling your home in the winter, you can move to a place where you experience four seasons, beautiful scenery, an active lifestyle, lakefront living, and so much more. Cothran Homes builds single-family homes and townhomes in the Greenville region’s most enticing locations. And if you sign a purchase agreement by December 31, 2018, with a 45-day closing, you reap another reward: The “Use As You Choose” bonus, with up to $6,000 to apply toward your choice of optionsGet in touch with us now to learn more about our move-in ready homes so you can spend the rest of the winter—and many more—in a brand new home.

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