The ABCs of Rustic Home Design

rustic home design

June 30, 2021

When it comes to interior design, the word “rustic" can describe anything from luxe log cabin to shabby chic farmhouse. But does it actually apply to so many different design styles? 

The simplest definition of rustic describes a design that's natural, rough, aged, and casual, so a variety of different styles (coastal, cottage, lodge, Tuscan) can truly be rustic. Though the term “rustic” is pretty broad, there are several components you need to have for something to accurately be rustic. 

Rustic Home Design Ideas

Natural Materials 

One of the most obvious characteristics of the rustic style is the use of natural materials. Lots of wood and stone, and fabrics like leather, burlap and canvas. Design is simple, natural, and earthy. Rather than sleek, glossy materials, opt for reclaimed or unfinished woods and stones.

Nothing Modern

No modern furnishings, lighting, or materials like shiny metal, plastic, or synthetic fibers. Rustic design is heavy and earthy. For example, wooden tables with large square legs, chandeliers with a dull metal finish, or couches with deep, dark leather upholstery. 

Handmade Furnishings 

Keeping with the natural aesthetic, rustic-style furniture is handmade, with a simple design and shape. Furniture may be oversized, designed for coziness and comfort. Letting the materials shine, furniture made from raw logs, boards, and stone is common.

Earthy Color Palette 

The palette leans towards neutral and/or earthy colors. Monochrome and muted are the tones to look for. Warm greens, browns, beiges, whites and grays, never veering toward anything too cold or stark.

Rough, Imperfect & Textural

Rustic style is never smooth and flawless. Furniture and fabrics are a bit rough. The design feels a bit weathered. The unique shapes, textures, and colors of natural materials ensures that nothing feels new. Materials include reclaimed wood, driftwood, stone, jute or animal hide, wrought iron, matte brass or hammered copper.

Warm & Welcoming

Despite its rough edges, rustic design creates a comfortable and relaxing vibe. Balancing craggy stone (such as on a fireplace) with warm colors, woven baskets or rugs, and natural textiles can make it feel softer and more homey.

Rustic home décor may seem simple, but it can take some effort to pull off. The look must be restrained and balanced, with everything having a sense of practical and functional purpose. Design is in the details, and that’s especially true for a rustic-style home.

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