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urban modern home design in south carolina

December 2, 2021

Urban modern interior design blends the best in contemporary, industrial, and modern design styles into a highly sophisticated, yet soft and welcoming, aesthetic that is the go-to look for many city dwellers. With an equal emphasis on comfort and design, you'll find this style in many urban lofts, townhomes, and apartments. Here are the elements that make the this design style so special.

Urban, Modern Home Design

Sleek and Minimal

You won't find too much of any one thing in an urban modern home. Nearly everything serves a purpose or creates visual impact. Furnishings are minimal, modern and are equally perfect for entertaining friends or lounging around on the weekend. The focus of the space is often the dramatic architecture (think of soaring ceilings or exposed brick walls of a warehouse loft), or of sweeping city views. Use restraint when adding accessories, and when in doubt, just don't. Try a plant instead to add a touch of warmth and freshness.

Neutral and Calming

The neutral color palette in urban modern design creates a serene and relaxing living space. Opt for warm tones in shades of gray, white, and beige, and offset them with natural elements like jute rugs, natural finish wood tables, or metal lamps. Nothing should be too jarring, so you want to make sure the design of one room flows seamlessly into the design of the next. While anything "matchy matchy" should be avoided, pull through an accent color, texture, or pattern from room to room to give your entire home a cohesive look.  

modern urban home design in south carolina

Comfortable and Soft

Today's living spaces are all about comfort, and the idea of a "good" chair that no one sits on is long gone. Urban modern homes are designed for comfort, so you'll often find plush, oversized couches, deep accent chairs, large throw pillows, and soft, natural-fiber rugs underfoot. No matter where you choose to sit, lie, or recline, you should do it on something that's soft and comfortable.

Playful and Interesting

Urban modern design has its roots in creative city loft spaces, so you'll want to bring in elements that are playful or visually arresting. Experiment with scale and try a huge art piece on the wall, or lighting fixtures with oversized shades. You could bring in an interesting chair or coffee table, or transform your fireplace into a pièce de résistance. Whatever it is, try to incorporate a statement piece into every room.

Urban modern design is all about creating a highly-styled, sophisticated look that exudes warmth and comfort. For more inspiration, check out our One21 Townhomes Photo Gallery, or stop by to see our model homes.

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