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December 17, 2021

There's only one rule in Bohemian interior design... add whatever makes you happy to your space. Boho style is relaxed and carefree, doesn't subscribe to any fixed set of rules, and has no limits when it comes to colors, patterns, and textures — in fact, the more the merrier.

This design aesthetic was inspired by the original bohemians of 19th century Paris — artists, writers, performers, gypsies — creative types who traveled from one place to another acquiring unique and interesting things and stories as they went. Today, we've put a label on this design style, but it still defies convention at every turn. 

Bohemian Interior Design for Your Home

Mix It Up

Don't be afraid of mixing... well... anything! Layer on the colors, patterns, and textures. In Boho design, more is more.

Earthy, Vibrant Colors

Boho design uses warm, earthy colors like deep browns, greens, and grays as a base, then adds touches of boldness with strong, vibrant colors like rich purples, oranges, and blues. To create a lighter Boho look, use many different shades of a neutral like white or beige to create interest. Combine and layer your favorites to find the perfect balance for you.

Natural Materials

Whatever the object is, go for a version made with a natural material. Wood or rattan furniture, wool or jute rugs, cotton pillow covers, and down-filled bedspreads are just a few examples. Metallics are also popular in Boho design — think iron or brass lighting fixtures, silver plant stands, and more.

Furniture with a Past

While you can, of course, incorporate new furniture into your space, your Boho design will only be heightened by any found, thrifted, or handed down pieces. Items that have a story are even better. No matter what, furniture should be cozy and inviting, layered with pillows and throws that invite guests to stay awhile.

Soft Lighting

Avoid harsh overhead lighting or super modern fixtures. Instead, opt for various light sources that create a soft ambiance like floor and table lamps, candles, pendants, sconces, and lanterns of interesting shapes and finishes.

Plants, Please

The one unspoken rule of Boho design is... you can never have too many plants. Big ones, small ones, climbing ones, hanging ones — add them to empty spaces and sunny spots around your home for a natural, earthy vibe.


Art in Boho design can be anything you want, but if you can, opt for original or handmade items, flea market finds, or unique pieces purchased on your travels. Lastly, add soft throws and comfortable pillows everywhere — on the couch, the chairs, even on the floor. Throw in poufs and bean bags so folks can get comfortable anywhere they land, and you've got the perfect Boho-inspired room.

For the ideal space to try your hand at Bohemian interior design, check our new home communities throughout beautiful Greenville, SC.

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