Lighting Design Trends With Paige

April 28, 2020

There’s no better time to say it: let there be light! In your beautiful, new Cothran home, nothing sets the tone quite like optimal lighting. From your open-concept living area to your owner’s bedroom and beyond, modern lighting doesn’t just illuminate a room, it serves as a defining, eye-catching piece of decor as well.   In our first few “Trends With Paige” blogs, our fun and talented design coordinator, Paige, gave us a look at her favorite home and kitchen trends of 2020. Today, Paige is lighting the way with her favorite pieces  go ahead and get inspired to turn the rooms in your home into the luminous spaces you’ve always dreamed of!  

Latest Home Lighting Trends

Texture: As a designer, I’m always inspired by the intricacy of nature, and love to bring the “outdoors inside.” (This feels especially appealing now, doesn’t it?) Fun fixtures and shapes in rattan, bamboo, and straw bring a beautifully natural outdoor element into your living space.Textured Lights   Color Trends: A few of my favorites right now includetwo-tone and soft gold. Play around with both of these looks and try layering your finishes, like using soft gold and stainless in your kitchen or black and bronze in the bathroom.Color Trends   Retro & Industrial: A blast from the past! Use these fun shapes and bold colors to bring an added element of surprise to your design aesthetic.retro and industrial   Think “Out of the Box”: Mix clean line fixtures in with your traditional decor for a fresh, new look.Clean Line Fixtures   Light Bulb Chic: Vintage Edison bulbs are all the rage. In any modern room, they add timeless style that you can’t help but be drawn to.Light Bulb Chic   Wall Sconces: I love to get creative and place trendy wall sconces in unique settings, like this one as a reading lamp in a cozy nook or as an added design element in a foyer.Wall Sconce   Light as Art: Glass fixtures always seem to look like beautiful sculptures in a room, adding the right amount of sophistication and elegance. There are so many opportunities to let your personality and style shine.Lighting as Art   LEDs: Now you can outfit your entire home for energy efficiency with affordable LEDs. Under-cabinet kitchen lights, tray ceiling lights, recessed lights, interior fixtures, outdoor path and landscape fixtures, you name it. You can even sync them all to your smart home system for one-touch control.LED lights   Whether you choose one of our gorgeous move-in-ready homes in South Carolina or decide to build the floor plan of your dreams, our design coordinator, Paige, will ensure that your home suits your preferences perfectly. Contact us at 864-318-9349 for more information, or to request a showing or video tour! 

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