Get Cozy This Winter with Scandinavian Interior Design

what is scandinavian home design

October 29, 2021

Hygge: a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (Oxford)

We could all use more of that, couldn't we? 

This hard-to-describe feeling that defines Scandinavian culture has caught the interior design world by storm, homeowners and designers alike constantly strive to achieve it. With open and airy spaces, a minimalist aesthetic, and cozy corners of warm and comfortable bliss, Scandi design is one “trend” that's here to stay. 

Elements of Scandinavian Home Design


In Scandi design, everything exists for a reason, and everything has a place. Furniture is sleek and functional, with little embellishment. Rooms are uncluttered and free of excess. The result is a space that feels light and uncomplicated, allowing you to focus on important things like work, rest, or the company of friends and family.

Light Colors

Lightness is a defining characteristic of Scandi design, and the most obvious manifestation of that is color. The color palette tends to be primarily bright white, punctuated by light wood floors and furniture, accents of black or tan, and occasional pops of color. This makes for an even-toned, pleasing landscape that's not jarring to the eye or sensibilities, evoking a sense of calm and peace. When color is used, it tends to be muted, like shades of blush, gray-blue, or sage green.


In the Scandinavian region, winters are cold and long, which means interiors must always be warm and cozy. Accents like chunky knit blankets, and faux fur throws and rugs help create an inviting space where you want to leave your shoes at the door, curl up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book, and indulge in ultimate relaxation. 

Live plants are also an important part of Scandi design. Since people tend to spend more time indoors, they reap the benefits of plants' ability to improve air quality, boost mood and productivity, reduce stress levels, and promote feelings of calm and serenity.

If you like Scandinavian design, you'll love Cothran Homes’ open, airy floor plans that lend themselves perfectly to it. With lots of windows that let in natural light, clean and uncluttered spaces, and the flexibility for you to choose any wood tones you'd like, you can easily create the Scandinavian-inspired hygge that you've been searching for. 

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