Cook Your Favorite Holiday Meals in Your New Kitchen

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December 2, 2021

The holidays are here, and we're excited for our favorite thing to do — eat! Cookies, pies, latkes, glazed hams, casseroles, stuffing — it's all delicious and we can't wait to enjoy it with family and friends.

The perfect place to make all of these delectable dishes is, of course, right at home in your brand new, beautiful Cothran Homes kitchen. But don't worry about messing anything up — these kitchens are built for cooking your favorite meals and gathering with your favorite people. Here are a few of our favorite features!

Cothran Homes' Kitchen Features

Large Kitchen Islands: Perfect for serving enormous platters of food, or just for cozy breakfasts of leftover cakes and pies, a kitchen island has a million uses for the modern family.

Lots of Storage: From genreous cabinet space to your walk-in pantry, there's a place for every dish, can, bottle, utensil, and pot, and then space for your holiday-themed ones, too!

New Appliances:
Even the not-so-great cooks can whip up chef-quality food in modern appliances that have a setting for everything.

Open-Concept Design: 
The cook can be the life of the party in an open-concept kitchen and living space. When everyone can be together in the same space, the memories are that much sweeter.

Fresh Air: Air flow is important in a crowded kitchen when the oven is on for hours at a time. With all-new heating and cooling systems, your kitchen will never get too hot, and the air you breathe is always filtered and fresh.

Plenty of Counter Space: A necessity to spread out and cook with anyone who wants to help!

Unique Tile Backsplash: Our unique backsplashes are just as functional (wipe off mess and spills in seconds!) as they are beautiful to look at.

Great Lighting:
Whether it's task lighting like pendants and under-cabinet lighting for chopping and decorating, or lots of natural light to brighten up the space, these kitchens have it all.

If you are ready to cook in a beautiful new kitchen for the next holiday season, browse our Available Soon Homes throughout Greenville, SC and make one yours today!

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