Creating a Home Office Space

July 20, 2018

Working from home—whether part- or full-time—has become a common trend. With advances in technology, all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device to be up and running. Still, you can be more productive when you have the right workspace at home. With a flex or bonus room, creating a home office space becomes a matter of style and organization. Among the people who buy their new homes from Cothran Homes, the most common use for a bonus room is an office. Although many people create a home office, their work styles vary. If your work is highly technical, you’re probably in need of more electrical and USB outlets. The minimalist doesn’t need much furniture while others might look for good storage options for all of their office paraphernalia. No matter how you work, follow these home office design tips. Put productivity first. The primary purpose of your home office is to create a space that promotes productivity. Eliminate distractions that disrupt your workflow. That starts with having a door you can close. If you have a particularly noisy household, you might consider adding sound-proofing. Maximizing productivity also means avoiding unnecessary trips outside your office, because they often lead you to a detour that takes you off-task. A small fridge, water cooler, and coffee maker could be valuable productivity boosters inside your home office. Furnish for function. Your office could be conventional, with a desk, chair, and shelves. You might work better with a standing desk or even a table. Identify what you need in your office, including storage, electronics, and supplies. Anything you frequently use when sitting at your workspace should be placed within reach. Figure out the electrical. Between electronics and lighting, plan out what you’ll need in your office and where it should be. If you’re building a new home, all of the wiring can be done during construction—like light switches (with dimmers), overhead lights, task lighting, and USB outlets. Think about aesthetics. A productive workspace isn’t just the result of proper organization. The environment should be pleasing, promoting a positive, motivated mindset. Limit your decor to those items that contribute to this feeling: photos, framed quotes, artwork, and items that inspire you. To get the full impact of these mood-lifting decorative accents, declutter your workspace. Organize your files and supplies and file them away. Piles, overflowing boxes, and crammed shelves will not strengthen your focus. Put the messy miscellany out sight—inside a closet, armoire, cabinet, box, basket, or bin. The term “home office” might seem like a contradiction, but when you plan carefully and keep your mind zeroed in on getting the job done, you bridge the gap between work and pleasure. Don’t have a bonus room? In the Greenville, South Carolina, region, Cothran Homes can help you find the perfect blend of location, space, and style. We build communities of single-family homes and townhomes with flexible floor plans. If you’re ready to move now, browse our move-in ready homes and townhomes—all brand-new construction and covered by our home warranty. Then talk to us and let’s get down to the business of your new home!

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