Unexpected Color Palettes With Paige

August 6, 2020

In any room, nothing catches the eye and causes a reaction quite like a unique color palette. From a throw rug to the walls to accent pieces in between, a specific set of colors infuses life and personality into any space. The best part? This exciting artistic decision is entirely up to you.   In our last “Trends With Paige” blogs, our talented and inventive design coordinator let you in on a few of her favorite (and not-so favorite) design trends. Today, she’s diving into unexpected color palettes that pop and make a statement — take a look at a few bold, distinctive color choices to inspire your own home design:    Cutting-Edge Pastels: This retro color palette is making a big comeback. This will make 3 decades now, the 20s Art Deco, 80s retro, and 2020 mod, that we’ve seen this bright, fun, and cutting-edge combo used in fashion and interior design. Have fun with this youthful and bright color palette to bring a twist to your home.   Cutting Edge Pastels   Fashionable Dark Teal, Mauve, and Brushed Brass: If you’re looking to bring fashionable flair to your home décor, this could be the look for you. Luxurious dark teal, mauve, and brushed brass in an owner’s bedroom or living room can make you feel like you’re wrapped in your favorite designer dress or wearing your favorite velvet blazer and tie combo. Stunning and elegant, with a hint of something new, is how this color pairing makes me feel.    Elegant Lavender, Melon, and Cornflower Blue: I’m in love with this elegant color combination. So much so I want to call it the “New Elegant.” Often, we get used to soft whites, beige, and black when we think of elegant rooms. However, lavender, melon, and cornflower blue invoke a similar feeling. What I love about this palette is that you can use wood, glass, or leather to add the pop of melon color and play with different shades of lavender and blue, layering them upon one another to create this fresh new look.     Elegant Lavender, Melon, and Cornflower Blue   Crisp Navy, Chartreuse, and Black: I have always been a fan of navy blue (who isn’t lately)? But pair it with chartreuse and you have a whole new level of style. This look is both crisp and timeless. Use bold geometric patterns with a touch of white and black, and your room will scream super chic.    Rich Forest Green, Black/Brown, and White: For my traditionalists out there, here’s a fun color pairing for you to try: lush forest green with black/brown wood elements and white. Use this in a dining room or sitting room like pictured below. You cannot help but feel yourself being transported to a lovely English country home, where you sip a cup of tea and read your favorite book in your stylish wingback chair.    Rich Forest Green, Black/Brown, and White   Rustic Chic Burgundy, Plum, and Red: Farmhouse and industrial design all call out to me: “Please, add a hint of color.” So, here you go. Burgundy, plum, and red (all muted, of course) make the perfect combo to add to your cozy farmhouse or industrial room. When blending these colors, be sure to keep fabrics and wall color in solids to not overwhelm and take away from your industrial décor and farmhouse accents. This is a sure way to add a little pop to your already sophisticated neutral room.   Whether you choose one of our gorgeousmove-in-ready homes in South Carolinaor decide tobuild the floor planof your dreams, our design coordinator, Paige, will ensure that your home suits your preferences perfectly. Contact us at 864-318-9349 for more information, or to request a showing or video tour!

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