Stress-Free Living: The Benefits of Low-Maintenance Housing

April 4, 2018

So many of life’s conveniences are designed so we can have more free time. Smart technology, for example, lets us program our home’s thermostats or check the refrigerator’s contents even when we’re not at home. Personal digital assistants, like Siri and Alexa search for information online, so we don’t have to sit down at a computer. But do we actually use that “free time” for good use or simply fill it with other tasks and obligations? Maybe it’s time to take a close look at what really defines “stress-free living” and the benefits of low-maintenance housing to truly set you free!A townhome is a great option for a stress-free lifestyle. It combines the spaciousness of a single-family home, with the maintenance-free convenience of condo living. When you’re ready to pack up and go on a trip, just lock up and leave. You don’t need to worry about details, like who is going to mow the lawn and who will keep an eye on the house while you’re away. Maintenance is handled by the property management team. You can gladly give up your mower and snow shovel! And a friendly townhome community looks after one another. This closeness is one of the features that townhome residents truly appreciate.“There’s a sense of security in our neighborhoods,” explains Anthony Kent, Vice President of Cothran Homes, which develops townhome communities throughout the Greenville, South Carolina, region “We included the street lighting and a gated entrance, but it’s our residents who add the personal touch, looking out for one another and their homes. You can buy a home, but it’s the people who make it a community.”maintenance free livingAnthony adds that the exterior maintenance is definitely a stress reducer. The HOA fee includes tasks like exterior painting and cleaning the gutters, which removes the built-up debris that could cause damage to the home. The quality of the yard work is evident from the pristine lawns that contribute to the exception curb appeal in these neighborhoods. Cothran Homes includes irrigation, mowing, and yard care in the HOA fee.For first-time homebuyers who aren’t accustomed to taking care of a home, a townhome is an ideal ownership option. People who are either moving up from a condo and appreciate the ease or downsizing from their home also welcome the stress-free living that a townhome offers. Cothran Homes’ townhome communities, like The Townes at Brookwood, provide a wide range of living space—from 1,550 to 2,090 square feet—and the choice of a one- or two-car garage. Other communities feature floor plans up to 2,742 square feet. Take a look at these luxury townhomes, and then contact Cothran Homes to experience the stress-free living of low-maintenance housing.

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