Living iQ: Smart, Healthy Cothran Homes

November 13, 2019

We believe that a smart home is a wise choice... which is why we’re excited to introduce you to a whole new class of contemporary Cothran living spaces. Say hello to our Living iQ program, an initiative that represents a new generation of homebuilding. Our smarter, healthier new homes in Greenville, SC reflect exactly what matters most to you — convenience, comfort, efficiency, and of course, peace of mind.    With an unprecedented level of “smarts,” from advanced framing techniques and cutting-edge technology to eco-friendly products and materials, our homes are simply the smart choice for you and your family. Finally, it’s your time to live your smartest and healthiest life yet!   

Living iQ Features For New Homes

  Intelligent Design: At Cothran Homes, we use expert design, the best building techniques, and the highest-quality materials to ensure your peace of mind every day. Built efficiently and built to last, your Cothran home works with your lifestyle to provide the greatest comfort possible, day and night.   Cutting-Edge Tech: Modern smart home features not only make daily tasks easier and more efficient, they add safety to your home. From remote-operated Wi-Fi thermostats to live video doorbells, you can be sure that your Cothran home always has your back (and uses its “brainpower” to make your life more convenient).    Enhanced Health: A thoughtful life at home starts with thoughtful products, which is why we build our Cothran homes with only the finest, eco-friendly products available. This way, we can promise that your environmentally conscious living space will make your entire life cozier, cleaner, and healthier.   At Cothran Homes, we believe that your home should show you as much love as you will experience in it. With our brand new Living iQ program, we’re making a promise to provide you with a contemporary space that understands exactly what a smarter and happier life means to you. We can’t wait for you to experience an extraordinary way of life in one of our homes! For more information, please call 864-318-9349.

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