Enjoy Winter Date Nights in Your New Cothran Home

winter date night ideas

February 25, 2022

Gorgeous features. High-end design. Wide-open space. There’s no place that says “love” better than your beautiful Cothran home! While we still have a few cool nights left this winter, shake up your usual date night routine and spend more time where you feel most comfortable.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

Dinner for two. With brand new appliances, treating your sweetheart to a homemade meal is so easy. Enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres at your kitchen island, then take the main course to your lovely dining room. For inspiration, view our gallery of Cothran kitchens.

Light the fire. It’s chilly outside, but it’s nice and warm inside your cozy Cothran home. Grab a bottle of wine and curl up under a fuzzy blanket together... there’s nothing more romantic than the embrace of your fireplace. Get fireplace ideas by browsing our gallery of great rooms.

Watch the game. Yes, even sports can be romantic! After all, you and your sweetheart know exactly what incredible teamwork means... Put together a snack board and cheer like it’s the championship.

Spa day. Who says you have to leave your home to enjoy the spa? Pamper yourselves in your luxurious owner’s bathroom with hot showers, relaxing body scrubs, or even simple face masks and massages. See a few of our beautiful bathrooms.

Movie date. There’s nothing sweeter than sharing your favorite flick together. In your spacious living room, relive teenhood memories of dates at the movies with popcorn and chocolate (and no curfew this time)...

Breakfast in bed. Wake up to a little extra love! Enjoy eggs, bagels, and coffee from the comfort of your cozy bed sheets. Prepare ahead of time with a bed tray table that holds everything with ease. Take a look at our cozy bedrooms.

Cocktail hour. As the sun goes down, sit back and relax on your stylish deck with homemade cocktails. If it’s chilly, get comfortable under a blanket together and enjoy the beauty of the South Carolina sunset.

To find the perfect home to enjoy your own special date nights, browse all of our new home communities in Greenville, SC and let us know which ones you love!

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