2021 Design Trends With Paige

January 9, 2021

We’re so excited to say these words: the new year is finally here! As you look ahead to new beginnings in 2021, you may be ready to make a fresh start in a brand new home that you can design to your liking. We sat down with our fun and talented design coordinator, Paige, to ask about her favorite home trends and ideas for the year ahead — so you can get inspired to turn your house into the home you’ve always envisioned.  

Paige’s Favorite Home Design Trends

  Multi-Purpose Rooms/Spaces: Now more than ever, you want your home to be a comfortable, personal “destination” where you have everything you want and need within its walls. The new trend is to design rooms to serve dual purposes (and maximize space)!  

  • Home office/Zoom room
  • Family amenity room (media center/playroom/virtual classroom)
  • Outdoor sanctuary that can be enjoyed year-round

Zoom Rooms   Interior Décor: We’re seeing some oldies-but-goodies make their way back around, including shabby chic (now called “cottage core”). A few elements of modern décor are comfort, ease, and purpose. Gone are the days of cold, gray interiors, showcase items, and furniture that you cannot sit on.  

  • Grandmillennial: Schumacher floral prints, oil paintings with gold gilded frames, family antiques, and clean line velvet sofas
  • Au Natural: Soft cream bouclé armchairs, natural wood accent tables, soft taupe walls, and beautiful live potted plants
  • Retro Revival: Minimal sleek furniture with jewel tone upholstery, pop art, and artisanal accessories

  Kitchens: Always the heart of the home, we’re now spending more time in our kitchens than ever before. This is when form and function come into play. “Efficiency” and “chic and easy to clean” are just a few of the buzzwords flying around kitchen design for 2021.  

  • More Storage: Bistro-style shelving Instead of upper cabinets
  • More Wood: Natural wood wrapped kitchen islands or rustic ceiling beams
  • Jazzy Appliances: Appliances as the focal point with fun color finishes or colored metal accents
  • Countertops with Dramatic Veining: Quartz that is nonporous, easy to clean, and runs right up the backsplash

Kitchens   Bathrooms: “Sanctuary” is what should come to mind when you step into your bathroom. After all, there’s no better place to relax and enjoy peace and quiet! Most importantly, do not forget to add soft rugs, a comfy chair, and pops of color to complete the look of a beautiful, modern bathroom.  

  • Dark fixtures
  • Beautiful plants
  • Asymmetrical tub
  • Mixed metals
  • Color on walls
  • Floor tile with geometric pattern
  • Comfortable furnishings

  Flooring/Surface Materials: We’re all craving some excitement in our lives — so why not bring a little into your home with new flooring materials that stretch the imagination! It’s all about pattern and texture.  

  • Mixed Media Floors: Tile and wood pattern blends
  • Textured Hardwoods: Whitewash, light browns, grays, and two tones
  • Luxury Vinyl: Interesting new patterns
  • Carpet: Textured, bold statements, soft and plush

Flooring As you look ahead to a fresh start in a brand new home, get inspired by a few of Paige’s favorite trends of the new year! For more information about our new homes in South Carolina, please contact us at 864-318-9349.

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